Certainty while navigating high risk terrain

Discover key success indicators hidden in customer segments, then spark revenue-generating efforts across marketing, inventory planning, sales, and executive teams.

No category limits | Stats updated multiple times daily | No rolloff of historical data

Trusted by 3,000 + stores globally


Insights derived from global online + offline transactions


in consumer point-of-sale sourced transactions analyzed


e-commerce menus connected


total behavioral based campaigns


Consumer apps tracking experiences & product reviews

*Data as of January 2023

Unreal insights

Get unmatched 1st and 3rd party verified data insights

Connect your tech stack or discover critical trends derived from the Alpine IQ clean + double verified data network.

Consolidate platforms

Simplify operational decisions without multiple platforms

Alpine started as a data management/ operations platform. All of our analytics are derived from de-duped, cleaned, and double validated processes you can trust.

Report access

Keep stakeholders in the loop

Massive metric dumps are no help to anyone. Filter and send the right reports to the right team members or external stakeholder at the right times.

Physical world

Reinforce expansion opportunities

Consumer address data and app location insights can be mapped to the real world and split by audience segment. Identify where to go next or who to invite to store launches/ private physical world events.

Understand your future strategy and your current customers

Keep a solid pulse on market changes, internal patterns, and the state of your partners.

The Alpine team has a “sky’s the limit” mentality – anything is possible! Their genuine curiosity and willingness to explore new industries, integrations, and approaches has been, and will continue to be, exceedingly beneficial to our businesses.

Ksenia Dempster Headshot

Ksenia Dempster - Brand Director