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Cannabis data exactly where and how you want it

Ingest, cleanse, enrich, and send data to your favorite marketing and analytics tools without breaking any geo or channel specific compliance laws.
Alpine IQ

Connect once and get safe usable data forever.

Empower cannabis advertising, analytics, A/B testing, store placement, digital screens, or even individualized e-commerce UX.

1st party data

Forget about maintaining complex integrations! Surface safe data upstream to the proper teams with just a few clicks.

3rd party data

Leverage curated cannabis data sets to help you find and engage with the right people.

Build custom audiences

Use our data manipulation engine to easily group, cleanse, and push out relevant audiences to the right tools.

Put your data to work

Send audiences autonomously into cannabis friendly marketing, analytics, or cloud tools with massive business impact.

Alpine IQ
Alpine IQ
Alpine IQ
Alpine IQ

Cannabis data recipes

Learn how our customers leverage Alpine to create an efficient substainable data strategy.
Alpine IQ cannabis
Cova data + S3 resolved to SendGrid

POS | Data File | Email

Alpine IQ cannabis
Slack files cleaned to Baker segments

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Technology to make a real business impact

Connect data sources

Pull in 1st and 3rd party data from your favorite tools into a single safe data management system.

Ensure data is reliable

Prevent un-usable data and resolve customer identites across channels or device types.

Privacy and usability laws

Realtime data compliance by state and country empowers your teams to confidently leverage your data.

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