Alpine IQ acquires Dispense  🎉

The strategic decision adds ecommerce to AIQ’s dynamic suite of tools, empowering the retailer with even more opportunities to create success.


Alpine IQ acquires Dispense App 🎉

The strategic decision adds eCommerce to AIQ’s dynamic suite of tools, empowering the retailer with even more opportunities to create success.

Drive more online orders

Use our ecommerce solution as a foundation to run effective digital campaigns with tools for SEO, conversion rate optimization, and brand management.

Customize your menu’s look and feel

Set your dispensary’s font types, product images, and category images so customers experience the same, great brand all the way to checkout. 

Let Google rank your product pages

Dispense automatically formats your product pages so Google can see and rank them. Say goodbye to iFrames and low organic traffic.


Dispense product menus
Dispense product menus

49% increase in organic traffic

$44m in revenue from organic search

223% increase in ranking keywords

23% increased average order values at kiosks

Manage orders more effectively

Manage every order type in the same place. Dispense helps store managers and their teams handle orders, no matter if they’re kiosk, delivery, pickup, or from a marketplace

Send orders to differrent registers

Keep your delivery or pickup orders separate from in-store. Dedicate one station for your highest order channel.

Pack orders after customer check-in

Let your team pack orders after check-in, so they spend less time unpacking missed orders and more selling on the floor.

Sync marketplace orders to the same printer

No more separate pritners or missed orders. Keep your array of marketplace customers happy and staff on track.

Dispense order management

Our Features

Why Alpine IQ x Dispense?

Dispense and Alpine IQ product screens

Data, leveraged

Leverage the power of your data to inform your ecommerce strategies and help make better business decisions.

Conversion Tracking

Get better insights into conversion tracking metrics through online and in-app purchases

Cutting through red tape

We plan to use our joint expertise navigating highly regulated markets to create and deliver new solutions for your every day challenges.

Native app improvements

With single sign on and Dispense menus planned for our retailer-owned apps, enhanced shopping experiences are on the way for your customers.

Our Features

Enhanced Support Packages

Comprehensive support is available if your team needs an extra helping hand. Choose the right plan for you:


With our Premium Support package, your account is assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager to help you get the most out of AIQ. Schedule up to 1 hour of video conferencing monthly with your CSM, and get priority ticket response time.

Premium Plus

As the name indicates, this is a step up from our Premium Support package. Get laser focused on driving success and schedule up to 2 hours of video conferencing monthly with your CSM, top priority engineering support and top priority response times.

What our Founders are saying

"We are committed to delivering best-in-class tools and having the Dispense team on board is going to allow us to accelerate the pace of innovation. Our goal is to provide a seamless approach to core business needs and empower retail marketers to maximize their revenue generation efforts."

Nick Paschal, CEO of Alpine IQ

“By joining forces with Alpine IQ’s leading data and marketing platform, we can help retailers strengthen their strategies with a comprehensive suite of integrated ecommerce and marketing tools to help them thrive in a digital landscape.”

Kyla Sirni, Co-Founder & CEO of Dispense

"We're in the process of integrating features that will redefine how the customer shops online. The products’ future includes a wide range of enhancements aimed at reducing customer frustrations often found in disparate technology stacks.”

Tim Officer, Co-founder and CTO of Dispense

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See how Alpine ecommerce can grow your revenue



For Marketing/ messaging teams in regulated industries


For fully customizable omni-channel consumer experiences


Unreal 1st and 3rd party insights designed to power your next move


Order management and SEO foundations made easy

Data Ops

Consolidate multi-market business units through clean data they can trust


Next-generation employee engagement platform


Custom branded web and native apps fueled by our entire suite of tools

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Text Messaging

Automate fully personalized, intelligently timed text messages


Emails that drive real revenue and form customer loyalty

Push Notifications

Capture attention with customer web & native app notifications

Voice Drop

Deliver memorable voice memos straight to your customers

Direct Mail

Intelligent mail printed and shipped via behavior triggers

Abandoned Cart

Recover abandoned customer carts and the associated revenue


Leverage AI to craft dreamlike customer comms and optimize shopping experiences

Contests & Lotteries

Sustain rapid growth by running unique contests

Winback Campaigns

Keep your customers engaged with our automated win back technology

Birthday Offers

Show your customers that you care by sending them some love on their birthday

Market Insights

Discover key trends in stock levels, product pricing, and distribution networks

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