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Refer a retailer or brand to Alpine IQ

Earn $100 per store for every retail account that signs up for Alpine IQ

Earn $500 for every brand account that signs up for Alpine IQ

How it works:

  1. Submit a qualified lead
  2. Our team will reach out to schedule a demo asap
  3. When the account signs up for Alpine IQ, you will receive a payout!

The details:

  • Referral must be submitted here through the online form
  • $100 per store for retail referrals is payed out based on the stores the customer signs within their service order form
  • Referred account must not be active in sales cycle
  • Referred account must close within 60 days of referral submission
  • (Unless currently under another contract with no opt-outs)
  • Retail, Dispensary, Brand account owners or key decision-makers cannot refer their own shop/orgs