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AIQ Marketing

Create seamless co-marketing campaigns

Streamline the process of creating marketing campaigns with retail partners by offering pre-configured messaging campaign drips. Easily send messages through text, email, push, and overcome censorship through the use of deliverability technology designed for regulated industries.

AIQ Loyalty

Loyalty programs designed to magnetize customers

With Alpine’s custom and compliant signup forms, you can effortlessly onboard new customers through various channels, including messaging and API submissions. Members of your loyalty program can conveniently access your brand from anywhere, using any device, at any time. With our loyalty programs, you can also seamlessly manage giveaways, lotteries, and rewards, making it a comprehensive solution for your loyalty program needs.

AIQ Analytics

Market spotlight analytics platform

A constant pulse on retailers, other brands, products, and partnerships globally. Stay ahead with leaderboards, competitor change notifications, and market level trends to inform pricing and purchasing decisions. This allows teams to simplify go-to-market strategies and empower purchasing and distribution teams.

AIQ Data Ops

Get confidence with clean usable data & automation

Use our platform to consolidate your data across multiple teams and platforms. Avoid compliance fines and distrust by using clean and trustworthy data to make informed decisions and optimize your customer lifecycle.

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We've partnered with top-tier brands to deliver cutting-edge software solutions that drive market dominance, drawing on our experience and expertise in regulated industries to help them achieve their most ambitious goals.

The Brand Analytics with real time data. It’s challenging in this industry to find accurate POS data, plus the addition of Market Spotlight has really improved the way we look at our business and making data driven decisions.

Carina Iannuzzi – BSM

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Winback lost customers


increase in returning customers post receiving win-back campaigns from:

Alpine Marketing


Instant visibility into trends and changes by market, competitor, or even stock levels within a geofence:

Alpine Analytics

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