Unlock the full potential of your retail frontline with Crew

tA revolutionary platform for employee engagement, sales performance tracking,
and Brand-powered initiatives

Trusted by 3,000 + stores globally

Visualize your entire retail ecosystem

Insightful engagement from frontline to management

Crew provides comprehensive sales performance insights for owners, operators, managers, and the retail frontline.

Empower, engage, excel

Unlock seamless employee engagement and retention with Crew

Engage your team through tailored incentives like commissions, leaderboards, or goals. Directly communicate with staff across locations, all while enjoying automated sales tracking and instant rewards.

Strengthen ties, boost sales

Brand-sponsored rewards and campaigns

Crew bridges brand partnerships and retail frontline teams. You control incentives with a click, brands cover costs, and you enjoy engaged teams and boosted sales.

Integrations that make Crew seamless

Get best in class integrations that work in with Crew, tailored to your user journeys



Pull transaction history, sync and update contacts, track inventory levels, cost/ margin



Pull transaction history, sync and update contacts, track inventory levels, cost/ margin



Sync transactional data, directly redeem discounts and loyalty sign up, and loyalty status



Pull transaction history, sync and update contacts, track inventory levels, cost/ margin

With Crew, you can not only track and reward your top performers but also manage your team members, send custom messages, gather feedback, and provide key resources, all in one platform. It’s not just about optimizing performance, it’s about valuing your frontline and creating a more engaged and empowered workforce

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Ben Cooper - V.P. of Innovation