Terpli integration

Terpli integration
AI Virtual Budtender

Terpli Alpine IQ

Weed Smarter with Terpli, Your AI-driven Virtual Budtender. Empower customers with a personalized shopping experience, collect valuable consumer preference, and grow your audiences with integrated loyalty sign-up and rewards.

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Provide effect-based recommendations, powered by cannabis science, to customers through AI-driven interactive content to:

  • Know your Customers with a closed feedback loop and collection of zero-party consumer preferences to support marketing and operational decisions.
  • Establish Loyal Patrons through direct Alpine IQ loyalty wallet sign ups, rewards, and post-purchase re-engagement.
  • Grow & Save with improved customer conversion, menu scoring, no switching costs and only 30 minutes to install!
Rarely do you see a talented team focused on rapid development within the cannabis eco-system. Terpli's integration with Alpine IQ unlocks an extremely powerful methodology to scale basket size and customer conversion via virtual budtender guidance that works on top of any e-commerce site. During the customer journey Terpli creatively distributes rewards with Alpine IQ loyalty and together we attribute revenue generated back to our mutual retail customers.
Nicholas Paschal
Nicholas Paschal

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Everything you need to begin selling online, all in one simple and intuitive platform partnered with Alpine IQ.


Easy-to-use compliant cannabis POS software that streamlines dispensary management.


Actionable Feedback Data For High-Impact Improvement.

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