Loyalty software

cannabis loyalty program

Propel brand loyalty while protecting yourself from local regulations.

We make it easy to define rewards, onboard new members, and stay compliant with messaging laws.

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Insights with unreal granularity

Get customers to return over and over again.

Cannabis loyalty members on average spend 46% more on orders than non-members.

  • Onboard members via your Alpine custom signup page, SMS, website forms, kiosks, or 3rd party integrations
  • Guard your brand from getting blacklisted by mobile carriers
  • Stay compliant with local and international cannabis loyalty messaging laws
  • Easily set reward tiers proven to bring customers back to buy
  • Personalize loyalty rewards based on each customers behavior
*Examples given might not reflect your local regulations. Please talk to us before utilizing these examples.
We developed a loyalty system because we saw mismanaged and non-compliant products wreaking havoc on retailer reputations. While our technology solves those issues, we help customers feel at home with your brand through personalized rewards driven by machine learning and supported by market-defining account management.
Shahzil Abid
West Paschal
Director of Sales

Personalized loyalty

Send niche offers to groups as granular as "Has CLTV > $500, purchased xyz brand, is likely to buy promo product, returning to store within 7 days from now".

personalized loyalty messaging

Onboard members from anywhere

Ingest records from your POS, CRM, custom Alpine IQ onboarding form, SMS, email, kiosks, you name it.

loyalty points redemption

Guard yourself from points abusers

Our system tracks redemption opens and conversion orders regardless of the POS you implement.

Onboarding loyalty members

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