Regulated industry compliance solutions

cannabis promotional compliance

Stop suppressing the growth of your cannabis business over privacy and promotional compliance fears.

We simplify state and country compliance regulation surrounding cannabis promotion, consumer privacy acts, and even telecom restrictions.

Protect your reputation:
Everything for compliance in one place

The most comprehensive protection suite for cannabis retailers.

We keep track of ongoing changes in regulation and keep your activities clean.

  • User deletion and suppression across audiences to simplify geo based restrictions
  • GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) data management
  • CTIA (The Wireless Association), TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) built in compliance
  • Automatic opt-out sync between applicable data destinations
*Compliance settings represented in video may not reflect current regulation or platform capabilities. We take maximum care to protect our clients from breaking any rules. Some features such as MMS and shortodes for SMS have been temporarily restricted due to ongoing concerns by the CTIA and mobile carriers.
Promotional compliance in cannabis is a nightmare especially for multi-store teams spanning states or provinces. We diligently deciphered restrictions and created a single filtration engine that works anywhere you do.
Shahzil Abid
Nicholas Paschal

Compliance shield

Automatically cleanse audiences meant for specific promotional channels based on your store's geographic restrictions.

audience suppression

Local regulation guides

View up to date regulations surrounding critical aspects of working in your territory.

compliance guide

Data preferences widget

Let website visitors easily opt-out of your communications and gain access through our privacy sync widget.

privacy widget

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