Native cannabis apps

Native cannabis apps

Fully branded native mobile apps designed to work with your entire cannabis tech stack.

Blow customers away with your own native app downloadable on iOS and Android devices.

Get your own app:

Top features:

  • Enable Push notifications.
  • Put your brand 1 tap away directly on their mobile homescreen.
  • Synchronized customer journeys synced up with your POS, e-commerce, and social profiles.
  • Discount tier progress, multiple redemption methodologies, and cross device compatibility.
  • Refer a friend program enablement.
  • Give customers their points instantly after signup
*Funtionality shown is dependentent on specific plans/ packages being turned on within Alpine IQ and Tattle.
Be first to market with your own branded app experience. Stop relying on pay to play 3rd parties to list you in their marketplaces and create a foundation for the future.
West Paschal
West Paschal
Chief Revenue Officer

Loyalty apps for cannabis

Don't miss out on capturing customers and earning brand loyalty with our cutting edge app deployments.

Compliance with app stores

Let us take the burden off of you by setting you up with an app that will get approved by Apple & Google. As regulation changes, we will update your app to keep it on the bleeding edge with what's possible.

Reach customers with push notifications

Our apps are designed to work seamlessly with your point of sale, Dutchie, Jane, and anything else you wish to utilize in the future. Already have an app? We can help power it with our API's!

GV app example

Commonly used with:

Text messaging

Simple login with registered phone numbers, direct to discount deep links, no app download required.

Email campaigns

Personalized emails triggered by wallet and discount actions.

Push notifications

Capture new browser push notification subscribers with a one click in-app push request.

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