Jane integration

Jane integration
E-commerce enhanced

Jane Alpine IQ

Send curated messages triggered by Jane cart statuses. Gift points to incentivize customers to come back after abandoning their carts and showcase/ redeem discounts during checkout.

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This integration gives your team the power to provide an omni-channel experience for loyalty and member club programs.

  • Power revenue generation by recapturing lost sales with abandoned cart recovery. Higher average sales become a reality by utilizing Alpine IQ to retarget customers with abandoned cart sms messages.
  • Grow your customer base. Increase the number of subscribers to your loyalty/rewards program in-store and during online checkout.
  • Increase customer lifetime value. Give your customers the power to view and redeem points using secure two-factor authentication (2FA).
*Funtionality shown is dependentent on specific plans/ packages being turned on within Alpine IQ and iHeartJane.
Jane was first to market with the Alpine IQ cart abandonment messaging integration and now they've blown it out of the water again with native discount redemption during checkout.
Nicholas Paschal
Nicholas Paschal

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