Data management

data management

Confidence in clean usable data makes marketing and analytics thrive in cannabis.

We help you consolidate data across multi-state/ country business units, cloud apps, and internal teams so that you can trust it to make decisions and serve your customers.

Get cannabis data management help:
Create a single source of truth

Don't waste time on cumbersome 1-off cloud app integrations.

In a rapid change environment like cannabis, the CRM, POS, and cloud apps you use need to think as one. Avoid fines, revoked licenses, or complete distrust in your ability to leverage customer data.

  • Prevent dirty data from compounding as you migrate and utilize tools
  • Download contact records and historical data anytime
  • Save cumbersome integration and maintainence time
  • Sync customer data privacy preferences across all your tools
  • Keep logs of customer interactions for regulatory audits
*Demo data counts, integrations/ connected apps may not reflect actual Alpine IQ partners at this time. Want to ingest customer information or engagement actions from 3rd party apps? Here are just a few of our most popular options:
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The opportunity cost of bad cannabis data

Without good data your ability to personalize experiences rapidly disipates, analytics insights are limited, and marketing can't optimize the customer lifecycle.






Alpine recognizes, then merges events, devices, and calculated traits from multiple sources together into a "Customer Persona" you can trust across every mission your retail store embarks on.
Shaz A
Shaz A

Challenges for cannabis retailers


Engineering and product time gets wasted on cumbersome hard to migrate cannabis specific integration. If you don't have this problem now, you will as you scale and legalization continues to expand borders.

employee productivity

Trust in data

We often see customer data living in fragmented silos that are inconsistent across teams and tools. This causes fear that customer data is cluttered with edge cases likely to spawn multi-state/ country compliance issues.

trust in data

Poor user experience

Dirty data leads to in-cohesive customer experiences, or is simply not used to make business impact. Nobody likes feeling like just a number in a queue.

user experience

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