Our origins

We are an imaginative team working across highly regulated industries to protect, optimize, and enhance customer data + experiences.

Alpine IQ was founded in 2019 in order to solve the world's largest legal use cannabis market problems for retailers and cultivators. At its inception, Alpine IQ developed a groundbreaking tool to manage customer data compliance across multi-state/ provincial regulatory environments. This concept later sprouted organically into a full suite of tools to protect, segment, promote, and sync consumer experiences both in-store and online. The Alpine product lineup includes many components that work seamlessly together on top of cannabis-specific 3rd parties to power loyalty systems, mobile apps, text messaging, point of sale, marketing automation, referral programs, store review automation, in-store screens, and more.

Our values

We embrace openness

Sharing information, feelings, ideas, is a foundational principle of the organization. Every team member is entrusted with speaking their minds regardless of their seniority, department, or financial risk a topic might present them.

We push the pace of industries

We passionately pursue being experts at building, supporting and selling software. We strive to stay lean, have small teams, minimize bureaucracy, eliminate productivity hurdles, and keep our best developers as team-leaders (and not managers).

We protect freedom of beliefs

Alpine IQ was built to serve the hearts and minds of cannabis operators suppressed by out of date thoughts on the wrong side of history. We seek to understand those around us and to build out of a necessity to enforce their cause. Every feature and every decision needs heart to survive.

We do the right thing

We will always go the extra mile for customers - in user interface design, in thinking about their needs, in caring about their company and problems, in surprising and delighting them.

Everybody thinks like an owner

We are responsible for the castle we keep and work within. We act as representatives of the company and share responsibility for maintaining our reputation, success metrics, and product direction.

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