Customer audience segmentation

cannabis marketing segmentation

Curate enriched and cleansed customer personas into powerful cannabis audiences.

Discover who your keystone customer tribes are with advanced filtration tools.

Get help segmenting the right audiences:
Wisdom like never before

Get to know your customer groups.

We sort new and existing customer records, orders, and engagement actions on the fly through the Alpine identity resolution process. Customers are then pushed into audiences that sync with your analytics and marketing tools.

  • Sort by customer traits (Age, CLTV, etc.)
  • Filter based on calculated actions (Order volume, likely to come back to store soon, etc.)
  • Use machine learning predictions such as "Likely to buy x product name"
  • Push out compliant audiences to destinations of your choice
Building a custom audience and then targeting it with 3rd party tools, in-house SMS, reviews, and more. Accounts come with 10+ popular default audiences to watch in retail cannabis.
Substained retail cannabis growth is just not possible without keeping a consistent pulse on every customer. You know them for 2 to 7 minutes in store, then the blindfold goes on the second they walk out of the door. Alpine IQ gives you eagle vision to understand and grow a personalized relationship with them forever.
Nicholas Paschal
Nicholas Paschal

Select data feeds

Pull customers to segment from your POS, live chat, website javascript, or even loyalty data sources.

Ingest customers based on data source

Engage your compliance requirements

Default protection is set for your retail stores geographic regulations but "Federal" overrides are available.

Alpine IQ compliance shield overrides

Audience designer

Pull and split using traits, predictions, calculations, or time based events.

Alpine IQ Audience Designer

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