Agency cannabis solutions

Powerful solutions to

Be a leading Cannabis & CBD agency

Build powerful campaigns compliant by geo and marketing channel through the Alpine agency toolset.
Alpine IQ

Stop being scared to let your teams perform agency services for cannabis brands

Simply pull in your customers data using Alpine. Our systems will automatically keep customer records and anonymous profile sets clean and compliant. Activate datasets using marketing and analytics apps your teams already know and love.

Ingest data from todays top cannabis business apps

  • No need to spend time building cannabis software integrations

  • Create compliant audiences for each marketing channel

  • Plan OOH or loyalty events around customer household heatmaps while suppressing school zones and non-compliant areas.
cannabis billboards
cannabis data compliance

Privacy, security, and territory compliance.

  • User deletion and suppression to simplify GDPR, state, and country cannabis compliance

  • Submit creatives to our human verification tool to ensure state by state compliance

Technology to make a real business impact

Connect data sources

Pull in 1st and 3rd party data from your favorite tools into a single safe data management system.

Ensure data is reliable

Prevent un-usable data and resolve customer identites across channels or device types.

Privacy and usability laws

Realtime data compliance by state and country empowers your teams to confidently leverage data.

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