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In-App ads

Promote your key messaging within consumer apps at the most engaged moment in their shopping journey.

Market directly to cannabis consumers with In-App ads via your private digital properties (Web app, Native app, headless e-comm) or within partner retail store apps.

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Top features:

  • Show ads to targeted audiences for FREE within your own network of AIQ apps.
  • As a brand you can target app users down to the individual store level at partner retailers.
  • Ads are standard 320x50 and 300x50 sizes + 2 extra clickable buttons directed to URL's of your choice.
  • Fully customizable colors/ text.
  • Leverage our waterfall to maximize reach during promo periods.
  • Get transparent analytics back that are easy to understand.
  • (Coming soon) Show ads with the same targeting logic on Dutchie+, Jane, your website or other custom "headless" placements.
We have always been wary of offering a programmatic 3rd party ad platform due to absurd fraud levels and hard to understand ROI metrics. With Alpine IQ you can now trust that ads are showing up for the right people when it matters most, and can be paired directly with your other marketing channels to level-up current campaigns.
West Paschal
West Paschal

Other messaging channels:

Text messaging

Simple login with registered phone numbers, direct to discount deep links, no app download required.

Email campaigns

Personalized emails triggered by wallet and discount actions.

Push notifications

Personalized emails triggered by wallet and discount actions.

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